Digital Defense For Divorce

You need to be protected on all fronts during a divorce case. Nowadays, this certainly includes a thorough digital defense. First, if you think anything on any of your devices can be used against you, then stop using the devices immediately, and copy specifically recognized user-created, uploaded or downloaded files to a removable drive. Next, […]


There are two major parts of custody in New York. I. Physical/Residential Custody: – who lives with the child on a day to day basis – who has a parenting time/visitation schedule with the child II. Legal Custody : This determines whether one or both parents have decision making authority over the major issues affecting […]


SUPPORT CALCULATIONS IN NY WHEN SOMEONE’S INCOME IS UNCLEAR  There are various calculations that a New York Court will use to determine how much child and or child support will be Ordered.  These calculations are pretty straightforward when the person who will be paying support has a typical job where they are issued pay-stubs and […]

Psychology Forensics For Custody

In New York, custody disputes are analyzed as to what is in the best interests of the Child.  But who is to say what is best for a Child?  To get at the truth of this very complex question, the Court will often appoint a Psychologist to conduct a full evaluation of the situation.  This […]


Under the new Trump tax reform, the 75 year old deduction for alimony payments are out. In any divorce case that starts after 2018, the spouse paying alimony can no longer deduct it, and the spouse receiving the money no longer has to pay taxes on it. Previously, it was reversed. Example Before the Change: […]

New York to require all people that have children who are divorcing to complete a parenting program

There is a movement in New York to require all people that have children who are divorcing to complete a parenting program. Although it may be deemed a laudable goal, a mandate of this sort, simply stated, is a bad idea. The right to be a parent is a fundamental and cannot be abridged but […]

5 Things That Psychology Says Predicts Divorce

What really makes it more likely for a relationship to end. by Drake Baer, Senior writer at Thrive Global covering the brain and social sciences. Like the break-ups themselves, divorce rates are a complicated subject to study. Questions abound: Should we really want divorce rates to go down? Is it true that about half of […]

Divorced & Staying in the US

While it seems like a divorce may lead to a denied petition or even deportation, most foreign-born spouses going through the divorce process will be granted conditional permanent residence if they do not choose to withdraw their immigration application. How is this possible? By filing a waiver. If you were in the process of getting […]

Jose Reyes swings, misses when asked in court how many daughters he has

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – BY BRIAN NIEMIETZ; PHOTO BY DAVID WEXLER / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 9:36 PM Jose Reyes made an error on the stand Wednesday in a hearing over child support payments. During an appearance in Family Court in Westbury, L.I., when Reyes was asked how many daughters […]