Family Court

Family Court

Family Court System

The Family Court System in New York handles certain issues within domestic relations.  It is easiest to first state what Family Court does not handle – divorce.  If you currently or eventually will need a divorce, then Supreme Court is the only place for you.  Supreme Court will handle all the issues of your marriage that the Family Court could, but will also be able to address all property, asset and financial issues and grant you a divorce at the same time.  Thus, if you are married, Family Court is usually not the right place for you to be.

Many people try to represent themselves in Family Court.  At times, this can be okay, but often it can be disastrous.  There are countless stories where people have tried to do even seemingly simple things without a lawyer in Family Court and have been met with disastrous outcomes – results that are very difficult, if not impossible, to change – even with the help of a lawyer.

Perhaps the worst part of the Family Court experience for a person without a lawyer is that commonly they are not given an adequate chance to present their case – their voice is stifled ; their pleas for justice are ignored.

I can help.  I have handled hundreds upon hundreds of all types of Family Court cases.  I will offer you compassionate counseling and assure that you receive the best, most aggressive representation in Court.

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