How to Tell People You are Getting a Divorce

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Once you have decided to file for divorce with your spouse, one of the more unexpected difficulties of the process can be figuring out how to tell others about the situation. People can feel a range of emotions at the thought of telling others, from sadness and anger to embarrassment and shame. However, you have many options for how you choose to tell others about your divorce and can pick the ways that are right for you. For more information about filing for divorce in New York, call or contact the Law Offices of Steven Gildin to schedule a free consultation of your case today.

Telling Others in Person

The most straightforward option for telling others about your divorce is doing it face to face. Prepare by creating a 30-second spiel that explains the facts and establishes that you do not want to answer any questions about the situation at this time. This allows for a short interaction that gets the news out there without being forced to answer questions you are not ready to answer. However, when using this method of communication, you should be prepared for those who do not respect your wishes and start asking you questions anyway. In this case, you should be ready to firmly restate that you are not answering questions at this time or be ready to walk away from the conversation.

Utilizing Technology to Spread the Message

The explosive rise of social media platforms provides another option for communicating your divorce to family and friends. There are a number of different social media outlets today, each with their own benefits and drawbacks for relaying the message. Facebook is still the most popular option, and there are subtle or bold ways to pass along the news of your divorce. One subtle option is to change your status from married to single or remove the relationship information altogether. You can delete all of your pictures with your spouse or put up a post that states that you are divorcing your spouse.

You can also send an email to your friends and family that explains the situation. One benefit to this method is that you control who sees the message, but be sure to be careful about how you send the message. Bcc all recipients so that no one can reply all to your message and start a group conversation about your divorce. The other potential drawback of social media and email is that there is always the chance that someone does not read the message and misses the news.

Getting Help From Others

One final option is to get help from others to tell people about the news of your divorce. Use one or more trusted family members or friends to help spread the news of your divorce. Explain to them what you want people to know and let them get the word out to others about the situation. They can explain to others and let people know that you are not ready to discuss the situation at this time.

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