Psychology Forensics For Custody

Law Office of Steven Gildin

In New York, custody disputes are analyzed as to what is in the best interests of the Child.  But who is to say what is best for a Child?  To get at the truth of this very complex question, the Court will often appoint a Psychologist to conduct a full evaluation of the situation.  This consists of in-depth interviews with the Child, Parents and other persons and officials connected to the matter.  It can also include written psychological testing.  When complete, the Psychologist will issue a comprehensive report with their observations and findings as to what they deem to be best for the Child.  Although a Court is not bound to flatly accept the Psychologist’s point of view, it often carries substantial weight in the case.  In addition, the report can often aid at settlement resolution, as the Parents will gain insight about how a trial, if held, might be decided.

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