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  • Coronavirus-shuttered court led to child custody issue.
  • Couple managing the debt
  • Sad little boy with coins and his quarreling parents at home. Concept of child support
  • sad woman hand ring with sad man
  • Business woman and lawyers discussing contract papers with brass scale on wooden desk in office. Law, legal services, advice, Justice concept.
  • Howblogger laptop social media influencer e-business to tell people you are getting a divorce.

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NYC dad says coronavirus-shuttered Family Court failed him as mom took kids

An unmarried Queens dad whose kids were allegedly whisked off to California by their mom against his wishes says New York’s virus-shuttered Family Court has failed him. “I want to be heard,” said Juan Miranda, 32, who says he hasn’t seen his two sons since mid-June, after their mom abruptly bolted Astoria, relocating to California […]

Debt and Divorce: What Happens to Debt in a Divorce?

Often when a person considers the financial effects of a divorce, they initially only consider how assets might be divided. Marital debt, however, is also divided between spouses during a divorce in New York on an equitable basis. When it comes to the distribution of shared debt in a divorce, you want an experienced New […]

How to Lessen the Negative Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce is never an easy situation, and when children are involved in the process, it is important to take into account how a divorce can negatively affect their lives. In order to minimize the negative effects of a divorce on children, there are some steps that you can take with them and with your spouse […]

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