Special Education

Special Education

Providing the Best for Our Children.

We all want the best for our children. That one’s child might, through no fault of anyone, have special needs stemming from Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a learning disability or another condition does not change the fact that that child is entitled to an appropriate education at no cost to the family.

Having to fight your school district for your child is extremely difficult and emotional.

We strongly believe that we must set the highest expectations possible for our children and then give them the tools necessary to achieve these goals. Of course, not every objective can be achieved by every child, but goals and expectations can always be changed. If we do not offer challenges to children, we will never know what they are capable of achieving. This philosophy applies to every child, no matter what their unique circumstances may be. Unfortunately, School Districts fail each day, over and over again, when they set unnecessarily low expectations for special needs children. To me, this is a terrible injustice.

It has been proven that with the right program in place, children with disabilities can make significant progress, often far beyond expectation. This “right program” includes the four Cs:

Competent Providers are teachers, therapists and other practitioners thoroughly trained in the methodologies which the child is best able to learn;

Consistency of Program is the teaching methods and behavioral strategies utilized uniform throughout the child’s program

Continuity of Services are the same teachers and other providers working with the child on a regular and ongoing basis; and

Comprehensiveness of Program is the program broad enough to allow the child to meet the highest possible expectations.

School Districts, although providing a public function, are still driven largely by budgetary constraints. These financial limitations are often prioritized over the needs of our children. However, that approach is just plain wrong. Our children have legal rights and should be entitled to all of the services they need without consideration of a School District’s budget.

That is the essence of my role as an education law attorney; to advocate for your child to ensure they are able to meet the challenging expectations established for all regular education students to the maximum extent possible.

As a NY education law attorney, We will:

  • Help educate you on all procedural aspects of your unique situation.
  • Prepare your case for meetings with your County Representative or School District including, fully advising you what your child is entitled to under the current laws and accompany you to these meetings.
  • Prepare letters, requests and other correspondence.
  • Obtain the right evaluations.
  • Find the right placement and/or service providers for your child.
  • Represent you and your child and Impartial/Due Process Hearings.
  • Help you obtain private school tuition from your local school district.
  • Represent your child at suspension and school disciplinary hearings.

We have a great deal of experience in trying cases, including custody, abuse & neglect, and juvenile delinquency matters. We have had countless opportunities to analyze the reports of psychiatrists, social workers, and other doctors and have cross-examined them at trials. While it is possible that a dispute over a child’s educational needs can be settled prior to going to a hearing, it is critical to build a solid case and have an attorney on your side that is able to give you the right advice and is not afraid to fight for what your child needs. My job is to understand your child and what your goals are for him or her. We understand your frustrations because We have been where you are. We will advocate for the full amount of services required for your child to reach his/her fullest educational potential.

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