Why You Should Still Hire a Lawyer Even if You are Getting an Uncontested Divorce

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Filing for an uncontested divorce is often the fastest and cheapest method of obtaining a divorce in New York. It is only available in certain situations when the couple qualifies and has no outstanding issues that must be resolved before submitting the divorce petition to the court. Many people think that they can file for an uncontested divorce without hiring an attorney, but having an experienced divorce attorney by your side can still be incredibly beneficial throughout this process. For more information about filing an uncontested divorce in New York, call or contact the Law Offices of Steven Gildin to schedule a free consultation of your case.

Requirements of an Uncontested Divorce

In New York, only certain couples qualify for filing an uncontested divorce. These requirements include that both spouses agree to the divorce, the grounds of the divorce, how to distribute the marital property, child custody, visitation rights, child support, and spousal support. A couple must also meet the residency requirement, which requires that the couple lives in New York for two years prior to filing or with one year of residency and proof that the marriage took place in New York. Given the significant number of issues that the couple must agree on, it is easy for problems to arise during the uncontested divorce process.

Be Sure You are Getting What You Deserve

One major issue with not hiring an attorney for an uncontested divorce is the possibility that you might not get everything you deserve in the divorce settlement. Having an attorney present ensures that the property distribution is equitable and that you do not assume debts that belong to your spouse. A lawyer can also help in deciding child custody and visitation schedules so that you can get as much time as possible with your child. A highly qualified divorce attorney can guarantee that you are not taken advantage of during the divorce settlement process.

Sometimes an Issue Arises

While you and your spouse might initially agree on all of the issues involved in your divorce, in many cases one spouse might develop a problem during the process. If you and your spouse suddenly disagree on child custody, spousal support, who gets the dog, or any other issues you must stop the uncontested process and file a contested divorce filing with the court. By hiring a divorce attorney from the beginning, you do not need to start over with a lawyer that has no knowledge of your case. Your attorney is already well versed in the details of your divorce case and is ready to hit the ground running on developing the best possible arguments for court.

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